How to Get Started Programming in GameDev with Unity C#

I have a coworker who expressed interest in trying to learn some GameDev with C#, so I thought I’d write this quick resource guide to help anyone else that’s interested.

This will be in 3 phases: Learning C# fundamentals, learning Unity fundamentals, and learning to become self-sufficient. If you’re in a quick hurry, just grab the links directly below each step listed and check them out.

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Getting Fit for GameDev

As I’m easing further into a life of game development, I’ve started to work on getting fit and healthy. I’m currently running over 5k 3 times a week, I’m doing a beginner’s calisthenics workout 3 times a week, and I’m fasting 21 hours a day. Why do I think exercise¬†will help me become more successful at GameDev?

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How to Create a Custom Keybind Script in Unity C#

I’d like to share something I worked on last week. I’m thinking every couple weeks I’ll share stuff I learned through trial-and-error (and lots of research!) and hopefully help another newcomer out there save some time.

Since I learn by trial-and-error I don’t learn things the “best way”, I just learn a way that works in my situation, then I make improvements over time. Criticism/tips are fully welcomed and encouraged, I’m trying to improve as much as I can.

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Let’s play: Start a gamedev career!

I’ve always wanted to make video games. I’ve played them almost every day since I was a little kid. In recent years I’ve become more and more attracted to the idea of creating games instead of only consuming other people’s content. As I began to age into my 20’s I never pursued a career in game development because I told myself it’s “too hard” to do what I love, and “playing games is more fun than making them”.

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