Productivity Reset in Progress…

I just wanted make a quick blog post to continue on what I posted last week.

This week I’m mostly still trying to rebuild my habits. I’m slowly getting there, but I’m getting mentally exhausted very quickly. I think after I get used to my sleep schedule, diet, & exercise I should be back in business.

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Falling Off the Wagon & Recovery

I’ve gained 15 pounds, I’m several hours off my sleep schedule, and I just pulled my groin during a run.

Last week I unintentionally fell off the wagon for the first time in my gamedev journey.

I’ve always been concerned with when it would happen, but I never thought too much about how it would happen. I was having way too much fun being lost in record productivity and motivation.  Why would I just suddenly fall off?

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5 Tips for Your First Collaboration GameDev Project

I’ve been enjoying collaborating with my friend this month. When I work alone it takes forever to get anything done, so an extra person adds virtually double the output.

Despite having extra manpower, working together can cause some problems if you aren’t properly prepared. I’ve made a list of 5 things that I think are essential for holding a small, 2+ person project together.

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My First Collaboration Project

After months of learning to code I’ve finally started to work on a collaboration project with my friend, Ferdi. He has been learning programming for 3 years and currently attends a technical university in the Netherlands (he is Dutch).

Ferdi didn’t want to have to hold my hand or teach me things, and I didn’t want that either. I decided I would work and study with C# and Unity3D until I had an acceptable amount of experience.

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