My First Collaboration Project

After months of learning to code I’ve finally started to work on a collaboration project with my friend, Ferdi. He has been learning programming for 3 years and currently attends a technical university in the Netherlands (he is Dutch).

Ferdi didn’t want to have to hold my hand or teach me things, and I didn’t want that either. I decided I would work and study with C# and Unity3D until I had an acceptable amount of experience.

My plan was to learn C# and work on a Unity project of my own for a few weeks. I would present it to Ferdi as an interviewee would present it to an interviewer. Should he feel it’s up to his standard, he could “hire” me to work with him.


Luckily he said I’ve improved much faster than he expected. He accepted!

The project will allow me to gain experience working in a team environment. I have to learn how to write code that Ferdi can read, and vice versa.

Our project will be made in the Unity2D engine using C#. We will use Trello to plan our tasks & ideas. We will be using Git to back up & create organized versions. So far both of these have been very useful tools for our project.

As for the gameplay, the genre is 2D platformer. The 2 playable characters will have slightly different gameplay:

The support player will traverse his own stage up above, and the offensive player will combat enemies down below. The bottom player must focus on combating enemies, and the top player must focus more on platforming and assisting the other player.

This is just the idea, nothing is final. I like making mistakes and learning from them rather than overthinking how we are going to do something. We are going to prototype it and see if the gameplay is fun before we decide to invest significant time and work.

We also plan to have online matchmaking built into the game. Ferdi said Unity makes coding online networking very easy. He was working on the matchmaking system but it currently doesn’t work cross-continent. Until that issue is resolved we’ll be using client-server with port forwarding.


I’ll keep posting updates for our project. I look forward to making good progress on my first online co-op game!


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