Productivity Reset in Progress…

I just wanted make a quick blog post to continue on what I posted last week.

This week I’m mostly still trying to rebuild my habits. I’m slowly getting there, but I’m getting mentally exhausted very quickly. I think after I get used to my sleep schedule, diet, & exercise I should be back in business.

Every week since march I’ve kept a list of how much work I’ve gotten done each week. I noticed something interesting that I’m going to test out this week.

Whenever I’m feeling lost with solving a softskills problem, I go to SimpleProgrammer for help. I watched this video called Where Did Your Drive And Motivation Come From?.

John explains that if you rely on motivation to reach success, you will fail. Establishing long-term habits is the best way to accomplish a great task.

This got me thinking back to when I first started working consistently week-to-week.

From march all the way through july I worked 7 days a week without a day off. I think this helped me swing into the habit a lot faster than my current schedule.

Since I’ve returned from hiatus I’ve been testing a 5-day work week schedule, but it doesn’t seem to be working well long-term. I feel like when the 2 days off arrive, I’m back where I started with my habit.

I subconsciously think “Okay, it’s the weekend. I’m not a game developer anymore right now”. When I worked 7 days a week, after I finished the day’s work I’d think “I’m just taking a quick break from pursuing gamedev so I can recharge my batteries”.

So there… A little bit more of self-discovery for me. I’m a programmer and I like RPGs, so It’s like I’m finding all of these weird subconscious passive effects that my character has.

Not the most productive I’ve ever been this week, but the good news is I’m dropping weight and feeling a lot happier with my exercise. These things will also help me push on through hard, long nights of programming.

Don’t forget: The reason I’m doing all of this extra stuff is to make myself as productive as possible for a life of gamedev.

If I crack the code to my productivity I’ll share it immediately!


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