Falling Off the Wagon & Recovery

I’ve gained 15 pounds, I’m several hours off my sleep schedule, and I just pulled my groin during a run.

Last week I unintentionally fell off the wagon for the first time in my gamedev journey.

I’ve always been concerned with when it would happen, but I never thought too much about how it would happen. I was having way too much fun being lost in record productivity and motivation.  Why would I just suddenly fall off?

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Getting Fit for GameDev

As I’m easing further into a life of game development, I’ve started to work on getting fit and healthy. I’m currently running over 5k 3 times a week, I’m doing a beginner’s calisthenics workout 3 times a week, and I’m fasting 21 hours a day. Why do I think exercise will help me become more successful at GameDev?

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