5 Tips for Your First Collaboration GameDev Project

I’ve been enjoying collaborating with my friend this month. When I work alone it takes forever to get anything done, so an extra person adds virtually double the output.

Despite having extra manpower, working together can cause some problems if you aren’t properly prepared. I’ve made a list of 5 things that I think are essential for holding a small, 2+ person project together.

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My First Collaboration Project

After months of learning to code I’ve finally started to work on a collaboration project with my friend, Ferdi. He has been learning programming for 3 years and currently attends a technical university in the Netherlands (he is Dutch).

Ferdi didn’t want to have to hold my hand or teach me things, and I didn’t want that either. I decided I would work and study with C# and Unity3D until I had an acceptable amount of experience.

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Gamedev Productivity: Planning Hard Tasks VS Easy Tasks

I’ve recently been feeling like I’m burning out hard each week. Day by day I used to be able to get so much done on my first gamedev project. Now my brain seems to give out before I’m halfway done with my day’s work.

Each week I timebox my work into 25 minutes segments. During my first gamedev project I did around 80-88 of these 25-minute timeboxes a week, but last week I struggled to hit even 8 of these a day.

What happened?

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5 Tips for Starting Your First GameDev Practice Project

My first game project taught me a lot about programming in C# with Unity. When I started my project I didn’t know what to expect, I just made a list of things to code then learned how to code them. I learned about a lot of tough stuff like basic AI, polished collision detection, and building menus.

But the most valuable things I learned were the softskills: Non-programming/Unity related skills that amplified my programming work.

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How to Get Started Programming in GameDev with Unity C#

I have a coworker who expressed interest in trying to learn some GameDev with C#, so I thought I’d write this quick resource guide to help anyone else that’s interested.

This will be in 3 phases: Learning C# fundamentals, learning Unity fundamentals, and learning to become self-sufficient. If you’re in a quick hurry, just grab the links directly below each step listed and check them out.

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Getting Fit for GameDev

As I’m easing further into a life of game development, I’ve started to work on getting fit and healthy. I’m currently running over 5k 3 times a week, I’m doing a beginner’s calisthenics workout 3 times a week, and I’m fasting 21 hours a day. Why do I think exercise will help me become more successful at GameDev?

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Let’s play: Start a gamedev career!

I’ve always wanted to make video games. I’ve played them almost every day since I was a little kid. In recent years I’ve become more and more attracted to the idea of creating games instead of only consuming other people’s content. As I began to age into my 20’s I never pursued a career in game development because I told myself it’s “too hard” to do what I love, and “playing games is more fun than making them”.

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